Diamond Film Series  

What is the Diamond Film Series?

On the first Tuesday of the month at 6pm we screen films that looks at engineering and technology through different perspectives. After the screening we have a short discussion about both the film and how it portrays themes of engineering and technology.

We hope you’ll join in, enjoy the film and share your opinions!

We’re always on the lookout for film ideas, people to help the discussion, and people to help organise. Any tips for international films are especially welcome.

Maybe you’d even like to have a go at curating a season? If you’d like to be involved in any way please email Beverley Gibbs at b.gibbs@sheffield.ac.uk or Anna Georgiadou at ageorgiadou1@sheffield.ac.uk

Are there any House Rules?

  • All films begin at 6pm - please don’t come in late, it disrupts the film.
  • No talking during the film.
  • No booking necessary. Open to all students and staff of the University.
  • All films are screened with English subtitles.

Tuesday 3rd October

FLASH OF GENIUS (2008, 119min)
Lecture Theatre 4, The Diamond
A biographical story of the inventor of the intermittent windscreen wiper and his battle with Ford and Chrysler.

Tuesday 7th November - SCREENING CANCELLED

Lecture Theatre 4, The Diamond
A film about the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in the early development of the personal computer

Tuesday 5th December

Lecture Theatre 4, The Diamond
A black and white Ealing classic satire about an inventor who creates a fabric that never gets dirty and never wears out, and the people who think this is a very bad idea.

Review: Spring 2017 Season

The first season of the Diamond Film Series had a mix of films, all of which prompted good unstructured discussions amongst the students who came and watched - here is a snapshot of some of the conversations we shared:

Deepwater Horizon (Feb 2017): We talked about how complex engineering installations include multiple separate engineering risks that can relate to one another in different ways, and we noted how decision making from ‘visiting managers’ can challenge normal decision making processes in operational engineering teams.

Eye In The Sky (Mar 2017): We thought this film was a great provocation for final year and MSc students who were taking their ethics module at the time: a utilitarian ethics decision, a subjective collateral damage assessment and an innocent young girl made for a tense movie and a lively debate.

The Matrix (Apr 2017): The idea of a digital identity separate to our ‘real’ identity is at the heart of the Matrix, but at 20 years old the movie pre-dates social media and the identities we create there.

Rogue One (May 2017): Discussion on whether sabotage is ever justified and whether we - the audience - had personal red lines of projects we would never work on. Is it better to stay involved and steer the project towards good work, or to withdraw and use our talents for something closer to our values?

3 Idiots (June 2017): A season finale offering dancing, comedy, sunshine and engineering education. This prompted a lively discussion about whether (and when!) you really can ‘follow your passion’ or when you should make the pragmatic choice. Many of our international students in the audience recognised the expectation and responsibility that comes with travelling overseas for an engineering education, and how that affects the way they see their future unfolding. It was a thought provoking and fascinating end to a great first season.