Pathway to removing barriers

Pathway Students

Eight students cut their summer holiday short and joined the University early to complete a unique three week course teaching them all they need to know about physics before embarking on their degree in engineering.

The Engineering Pathway course has been designed for those students who didn’t choose Physics at A-level, but still wanted to study engineering at Sheffield. The course ensures the students are equipped with the right level of skills needed in order to move forward with confidence into the first year of their degree.

Departments Mechanical, Aerospace, Electronic and Electrical Engineering and MEng Engineering programme have removed the barrier to a degree in engineering by offering the course content free of charge to all potential engineering students. With the added incentive of accommodation scholarships to female applicants and anyone entering the course as a widening participant applicant.

I can't stress how good the pathway is. It's been a challenge but I feel more prepared to start my degree because of this course.

Mo-Anna Tucker, Aerospace Engineering Student

With the number of entrants to physics A-level declining in recent years, especially among female students, there is a clear need for a provision such as this. As numbers fall so does the number of possible engineering students. To combat the potential loss of talent, the Engineering pathway opens up a world of opportunity to those who may think they are not able to study the degree they want to.

It’s been a positive start for the new course and all participants have enjoyed the challenges. Mo-Anna Tucker, Aerospace Engineering student, said: “I can’t stress how good the pathway is. The first week was mechanics re-cap and that was really challenging but because it was so interesting that compensates for it being challenging. I think doing the course at Sheffield is particularly good as they've got all their amazing research facilities. It has been a challenge but I feel more prepared and ready to start my degree because of doing this course.”

Gemma Greenup, Recruitment Manager, said: “Our pathway course gives students the opportunity to go to University and study engineering where they may have thought they wouldn’t be able to do so before. We have been encouraged by the positive response from the students on this course and look forward to welcoming our new cohort next year.”

For further information visit the Pathway to Engineering webpage.