PebblePad Software

PebblePad is the application you will use to to gather, reflect upon, and produce evidence for your Doctoral Development Programme. You will be expected to collate this information in an e-Portfolio and summarise your development needs in a yearly Development Action Plan.  You will also use PebblePad to document your supervisory meetings.

Login to PebblePad

PebblePad is an online application which can be accessed from any PC or Mac with internet access and Flash player installed. PebblePad is accessed via the University’s portal, MUSE. Login to MUSE via the link at the top left hand of any UoS web page. Once logged into MUSE choose ‘My Services’ from the top menu and then ‘View all services’. A link to PebblePad can be found under ‘P’ on the service A-Z.

PebblePad Help

The University has created a help and resources page for using PebblePad.  There is also a page on e-Portfolio development.  

Who needs to do what?

All departments in our Faculty are now using PebblePad. If you started from October 2015 onwards, you should be using the RDF-TNA, Evidencing the DDP and the Supervisory Meeting Reports. These are all available in your PebblePad Resources. If you started before October 2015, you can record your progress in other programmes (Word, Adobe, your own blog etc.) but we recommend the PebblePad templates where possible. If you're in doubt about what to include in your DDP portfolio, look at the paper version of the 'final ePortfolio summary form' available here.

For all students*, timings for submissions are as follows:

RDF-TNA Should be completed/refreshed month 1 of Year 1, 2 and 3
Data Management Plan This should be created within the first few weeks, and updated when necessary and if anything changes throughout your studies.
Supervisory Meeting Reports Once a month (two months for part time) except for Medical School who have set deadlines.
Evidencing the DDP Confirmation Review: end of Y1 (Y2 for part time) Thesis Plan & Submission Review: end of Y2 (Y4 for part time) Thesis Submission: end of Y3 (Y6 for part time)

*If you are on a 4 year programme, please ask your PGR Lead for guidance.


Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION - I have logged into MUSE, but PebblePad isn’t available under ‘My Services’

Certain university accounts (e.g. associate accounts / honorary members of staff) won’t have PebblePad available under my services - you will need to log in via using your university log-in credentials.

QUESTION – I can’t share my RDF-TNA for assessment

This may be because you have already shared for assessment. Once you have done this, you can ‘share with people’ but not for assessment again. Sharing for assessment adds it to the relevant workspace, where your supervisor can always see it. From then on as you work on it, the changes will be saved ‘live’ so you don’t need to add it to the workspace by sharing for assessment again. You can notify your supervisor of the updates you have made or ask for their advice via the ‘share with people’ function instead.

QUESTION - The TNA or Evidencing the DDP workbook isn’t in the student's asset store, and it cannot be opened from the Resource Centre, why is this?

This form must have already been used and shared for assess, as Pebble only allows 1 copy of the form to be used. The TNA could have been moved into the ‘Hidden’ folder, or the ‘Deleted folder’.

QUESTION – I would like to be able to see my Google Drive/Dropbox documents within my PebblePad Account, how can I do this?

In your PebblePad Account, select the 'burger' icon, then ‘Additional Settings’, then ‘External Services’. You can now select the external account you wish to link, and follow the instructions. You will then see these drives in your asset store.

QUESTION - I am leaving the University shortly, can I take my PebblePad account with me? Yes! From the main PebblePad screen, select the 'burger' icon, then ‘Free Alumni Account’ and follow the instructions.
QUESTION - I want to tidy up my Asset Store, can I move documents into folders? Unfortunately not, as there is no filing system in PebblePad, everything is stored within your 'Asset Store'.
QUESTION - I have deleted an asset by mistake - how can I retrieve it? From within your asset store, you will find the ‘deleted’ folder in the top bar. Select the 'i' from the right hand side of the asset you wish to retrieve, then select 'I want to' and 'restore'.  This will move the asset back to your asset store.
QUESTION - how can I embed my TNA into my ePortfolio? From within your ePortfolio select the ‘add existing asset’ icon and then select your TNA from your asset store, then click on ‘confirm’. This will then import the whole TNA into your ePortfolio.
QUESTION - My supervisor cannot complete the supervisor section within my Supervisory Meeting Report/TNA/Evidencing the DDP, as this section is greyed out. This is likely to be because the asset has been shared without the right permissions. The only way the Supervisor can complete their ‘assessor’ fields is from the version that has been shared ‘for assessment’. The student should ensure that the asset has been successfully shared to the correct workspace. It may also be because the link in the Supervisor’s email is taking them to a ‘read only’ version (Pebble are working to fix this). If so, please follow the instructions below.
QUESTION - My supervisor cannot access my Supervisory Meeting Report, as they have lost the email notification. Your supervisor can access all assets that have been shared by selecting ‘Atlas’ from within the main PebblePad page. They should then select the relevant workspace they wish to view and ‘submissions’, under ‘you are viewing’ select the relevant assignment and all the respective student submissions for that supervisor will appear.
QUESTION – When I try to edit the ‘justifications’ in my RDF-TNA, PebblePad won’t let me You can’t edit your justification once you’ve entered it. You can change the grade, and you will be asked to justify this, but you can’t change your previous justifications – you can only add new ones to explain the change in how you’ve graded yourself. This gives you a log of every step of your progress. Therefore it is important to fully consider your justifications and gradings from the very start as they are a permanent record.
QUESTION - I am a pre-October 2015 student using the old version of the MDH-TNA, and I would like to use the RDF-TNA (or other document), but the system won’t allow me as I am only able to submit one. What can I do? PebblePad will only allow you to share one version of certain documents, so if you wish to remove a document from the shared workspace, please see your PGR Administrator who can remove this for you.

Help and support 

If the above FAQ's don't answer your query, consult Pebble's own online help via the 'Learning Centre' square of the homepage on the right.

If you have any technical queries that can't be answered there, you can ask the University's Pebble team.

If you have any researcher development related queries about PebblePad your department PGR Administrator