Peer Mentor Scheme

The Faculty has recently implemented a Peer Mentor Scheme for all new postgraduate research (PGR) students. All new PGR students will be offered a peer mentor. Peer mentors will be current students in their second or third year and will be allocated no more than four mentees. A Peer Mentor will provide support to new students particularly in the induction phase and settling in.


The aim of the scheme is to support new PGR students as they make the transition to a postgraduate degree programme, as life as a PGR students is quite different from that of an undergraduate student. Our international students may also have to come to terms with moving to a new country and culture.

Your role

Your role as a Peer Mentor is to create a supportive and successful relationship through email, telephone and face to face communication. You should do this by:
  • Letting your mentees know you are happy to help with any informal queries
  • Offering an insight into the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate research
  • Providing a personal perspective on studying in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health
  • Referring your mentees to appropriate services
  • Treating your mentees as you would expect to be treated

How to get involved

If you would like to be a peer mentor please email the Graduate School attaching the mentee application form (see downloads section). Your application will then be considered to be one of the Faculty’s Peer Mentors. Following a successful application you will then be given relevant training and then assigned new students. The skills acquired by undertaking this role are valuable and do contribute to skills identified in the TNA.

What the Mentors say...

“It feels good to know you're helping new postgraduate research students settle in. I believe it has also improved my networking skills and made me more confident to approach people.”

“I've had an insight into what life must be like for a student coming from overseas, leaving family and culture and starting afresh in Sheffield. This has helped me understand feelings, emotions, anxieties of International students and how to assist them! It's broadened my scope for helping individuals from all backgrounds and most of all been highly rewarding.”

"As a 'mentor' I feel it is not a big commitment but is potentially very important in making new students feel welcome and helping them to settle in."

“I was keen to be available to offer advice for those who needed it. I had such a good experience in my first year with my mentor, and we remain friends now.”

What the Mentees say.......

Students in a Cafe

“…I found it very easy to cope with the anxiety of starting a PhD. There was always someone I could talk to informally if I had any doubts and someone who had very recently been in my shoes and faced similar situations and dealt with them. Having a tutor is of course useful but I found opening up to my buddy easier as she was almost my age and this gave me reassurance.”

"Participating in the Peer Mentor Scheme had given me reassurance at the start of the year that there would be someone to potentially ask questions or just talk to about the experience of being a PhD student.”