Pizza Talks!Pizza Talks

Four times a year we run Pizza Talks

Medicine, Dentistry and Health invites you for FREE PIZZA!

Come along and...

-Listen to students talk about their research in an informal setting

- Network

- Eat free pizza!

We need you!

Interested in presenting?

This is a great opportunity to test out your presentation skills in a relaxed environment.

No pressure, no stress - just friendly faces and constructive feedback! If you'd like to present get in touch with us via your department rep.

For upcoming dates please contact your department rep or keep up to date via our Facebook page!

Students at Pizza Talks

Dates for the diary in 2018

Wednesday 18th April, 11:30am Sheffield Students' Union, Gallery Rooms
Tuesday 22nd May, 4:30pm Room D17H, Dainton Building
Tuesday 5th June, 4:30pm Room D17H, Dainton Building