Doctoral Development Programme

As a Postgraduate Research Student you are required to engage in the University’s Doctoral Development Programme (DDP).

In your first year the DDP Module, FCM6100 Research Ethics and Integrity, is a compulsory module all students in the Faculty must take.  You will automatically be registered on this module.  Also your Department or School may have compulsory DDP modules that you are required to take. Please see your Department or Schools website or PGR Administrator for further details.

Researcher Development Framework Training Needs Analysis (RDF-TNA)

Prior to or immediately after your arrival you will need to complete your first year’s Researcher Development Training Needs Analysis (RDF-TNA), this is an assessment of your current skills and a training plan for the year ahead. As part of your first supervisory meeting you should discuss your TNA with your supervisor, adjust it accordingly and decide upon a series of training plans. An electronic copy for you to complete is in your PebblePad account.  PebblePad instructions can be found in the right hand downloads.


working on a PC Throughout your graduate degree you will accumulate a range of skills and experiences that will help with your employability and personal development.

To demonstrate what you have achieved, as well as to provide you with an easy record of your achievements, you are required to keep an e-portfolio.
  • The software we use for this is called PebblePad. For information on getting started with PebblePad see the DDP Portal
  • Your login for PebblePad is your university user name and password
  • You will need to keep a log of your DDP modules, training courses and conferences you attend. This will form the start of your e-portfolio and you can add to this and keep as much information in it as you like
  • At the end of your degree the University related activities in your e-portfolio will be verified by the University

See our PebblePad help page for further support and information.

Other essentials

If you will be working out of normal office hours you are obliged to complete an Out of Hours training course. Check with your supervisor. You will need to register to attend.