PGR Forum: your voice

Through various committees, members of staff and peers, you have a voice within the Faculty and University. Below is an overview of the route you should follow if you have questions or concerns you would like to voice:

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Supervisors and Personal Tutors

Support from your Supervisor and/or Personal Tutor is available and these staff will raise issues with Departments and the Faculty where needed.

Departmental PGR Forums

Departmental forums give students the opportunity to meet and discuss issues within their department. Any outstanding issues that are relevant at a Faculty level are carried forward to the Faculty PGR Forum by the department’s PGR representatives.

Find your department representatives

Faculty PGR forum

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Our Faculty PGR Forum provides an opportunity for student representatives from each of the departments within the Faculty (only the Chairs of the MPGS) to meet each other and the Faculty PGR Lead (currently Martina Daly). This group gives PGR students a voice and helps ensure that student interests are represented in areas of course development, feedback, and general PGR provision. The Forum harnesses the creative power of students to develop ideas to help improve the PGR experience for students across the Faculty. We bring forward important issues to Faculty Graduate School Committee, which is our direct audience with the staff.

We also run the Faculty's PGR Day every year and the amazing quarterly Pizza Talks!

Download the role description for a PGR Forum representative - contact us if you're interested in joining!

More information on The University’s vision for PGR Faculty Forums

Faculty Graduate School Committee

The Faculty Graduate Research Committee deals with issues regarding development, monitoring and assessment of postgraduate research students at a Faculty level. If issues can't be solved at Faculty level, they will then be taken up to the Doctoral Research Development Committee (DRDC) which looks after University-wide PGR matter

Departmental PGR Forums contacts

Dental School PGR Forum

PGR representatives:

Selina Beal:

Amy Harding:

Human Communication science PGR Forum

PGR representatives:



PGR Representatives:

Rodney Nagumo:

Laura Flight:

Nursing and Midwifery PGR Forum


If you are interested in taking on this role, please contact programme leader for PhD/MPhils in Nursing and Midwifery, Sharron Hinchliff:

Medical Postgraduate Society (MPGS)

The Student Committee brings together representatives from each of the departments within the Medical School. Find your department representatives

Medical School PGR Forum reps:

AUME - Yeyenta Osasu :

O&M - Claire Williams: