Postgraduate Researcher Day 2017

Disseminating your research


PGR Day 2017 - Thursday 8th June

Fusion & Foundry, Sheffield Students' Union

PGR Day 2017 took place on Thursday 8th June and focused on 'disseminating your research' - helping students to get published, engage a wider audience and become a more effective communicator of their research.

The day featured the following workshops:

Alice Pilborough

  • How to publish your paper the quick and easy way
  • Networking to secure collaborations
  • Disseminating your research to different audiences
  • Telling the story of your research 
  • Communicating research in visual ways
  • The research feedback loop in the 21st century

A highlight of our PGR Day was the 'Gone in 60 seconds' competition - where students competed to see who could best convey their research project to a general audience in one minute. This year's winner was Alice Pilborough, pictured left.

Some comments we got from students...

"The Networking session - funny, informative and reassuring!"

"The workshop about how to tell a story was very inspiring"

"[I enjoyed] Talking about my research to different people and exploring ways I could improve that by visualizing, networking and story telling for career success."