Achieve More

Health Challenge 2016-17

Achieve More Level 1 in Medicine, Dentistry and Health is called the Health Challenge - Local Engagement Global Citizenship.

This module provides students with the opportunity to work with other first year students from across the Faculty in groups of 8-9 to explore what affects health in a local community in Sheffield.

The Health Challenge Module provides a valuable opportunity for students to understand and demonstrate professional behaviours, develop skills in teamwork and communication, and practice how to use reflection to support learning. It also provides the chance to establish friendships with other students and build support networks beyond your own department.

Group Work

Each group will design a health intervention for a neighbourhood in Sheffield. Your group will be supported by a dedicated facilitator to help guide you through the process of carrying out a health needs assessment in a given area, exploring issues of how diversity in the community impacts on uptake and delivery of healthcare services along the way.

Groups will work together for 35 hours over a period of 7 weeks, commencing with the Opening Lecture at the Octagon Centre in February 2017 and ending with the group presentations and final session in March 2017.

Learning and teaching activities will include lectures, skills development sessions, a field visit, facilitated group seminars, a written reflection of experiences on the challenge, and independent study. At the end of the module, your group will be asked to prepare a poster and give a presentation of the outcomes from the health intervention to your peers. There will be prizes for the best posters and presentations as voted on by students, with an award for the best overall poster.