Think Ahead offers a vast programme of workshops (Table 1) as well as outreach, teaching, networking, mentoring, coaching and consultation opportunities (Table 2). Each opportunity is detailed below and is mapped to both the Researcher Development Framework, and the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.

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Workshop Content Researcher Development Framework & Concordat Mapping
Writing a Successful Grant Application An opportunity to experience the difficulties faced by Research Grant committee panels, and to learn how you can present your grant application to influence your chances of success and avoid the pitfalls. The session will cover some real life examples and involve a mock panel discussion session. RDF: A1, C3, D2
Concordat: C1-C3, C11
Writing journal articles and getting them published The skill of writing an article and getting it published in a peer reviewed journal is highly prized but rarely taught. This two-day course concentrates on this skill, and in particular on the process of writing. Participants should come with an idea for an article, and during the course they will work this up in easy stages. RDF: A1, A2, D2, D3
Concordat: C1-C3, C11, D3
Be better than boring bullet points The session will focus on your needs and explore the tricks, tips and techniques of great presenters - and at all times the context will be research presentations.
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RDF: A3, D2
Concordat: C1-C3, C11, D3
How to be an Effective Researcher This two day workshop aims to enhance the effectiveness of researchers by building understanding, skills and confidence in communication, planning and time management, problem solving, leadership and assertiveness. RDF: A1, C2
Concordat: C1-C3, C11
Statistics for Scientists An introduction or a refresher on statistics and data manipulation. This workshop covers all aspects of statistical data analysis for research scientists, including choosing the right test for your data-set and how to navigate SPSS software. RDF: A1, A2
Concordat: C1-C3
SRDS for Research Staff The session will present a ‘how to’ for getting the most out of your SRDS annual staff appraisal. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions informally and hear from researchers who have used the scheme to their benefit. RDF: B1, B3, C2, C3, D1
Concordat: C10
Fellowships Showcase An opportunity to hear from researchers across the University who have recently gained a research Fellowship award. They will tell you about their experiences of CV building, project development, the application process, and their own Fellowship experiences. A networking lunch will follow. RDF: D3, B3
Concordat: C11
Mentoring, Coaching Consultation & Networking Content Researcher Development Framework & Concordat Mapping
Induction interview & pack Here you will learn about the professional development activities, and career development support you can expect from the Think Ahead programme, the wider University, and from national initiatives such as Vitae and the Research Councils. RDF: B3, D1
Concordat:C2, C5, C6, C10, D5
Mentoring Programme This will supply you with professional guidance to help support you through all stages of your career here and into your next position. Mentors are typically members of academic staff outside your dept. and are assigned following full training. RDF: A3, B1, B3,C3, D3
Concordat:C8, C14, D5, D6
TA:SURE This is an ideal opportunity to acquire formal supervision experience as a PI, gain independent pilot data and to develop many of the skills now considered essential for a career in research. Full training is given and we will support you through the summer scheme funding application process. RDF: A1, B3, C2, D1
Concordat: C3, C7, C12
1:1 Careers Consultation We can help you tailor a CV or application for a specific position; find ideas for where to go next in your career; get advice on specific training or skills important for your next career move; talk over the interview process, assessment centres, or practice psychometric tests? RDF: B3
Concordat:C9, C10, D5, D6
Research Staff Association MDHRSA aims to: analyse career development needs and ways of improving career development for early career researchers; Develop meaningful links with the leaders of the Faculty; Improve communication, collaboration and social interaction between researchers. All research staff are welcome to join. RDF: B1, B3
Concordat: C13
End of Contract Consultation We provide a number ways for you to reach crucial advice for your next move. Contact Dr Lucy Lee for information on how we can help you. RDF: B3
Concordat:C9, C10, D5, D6