Researcher Fellowship Coaching


We recognise that 1:1 specific advice and practical support is needed for those applying for Fellowship awards.

Are you considering applying for a research fellowship? A formal fellowship support scheme has been established to help provide support and advice, with a breadth of experience and knowledge of the different styles and requirements of the various award-granting bodies.

The fellowship support team can help at each stage of the fellowship application process.

  • A career mentor
  • Help refining project ideas
  • Advice on how to develop your CV
  • Guidance on how to prepare your written application
  • Panel mock-interviews (with feedback)

We recommend you make contact with Lucy Lee at least 6 months in advance of the deadline. To informally discuss making a fellowship application, and how we can help please get in touch. 

 "The mock interview was a great help in preparing me for the ARUK interview. The interviews were similar in format and there were some very similar questions asked. I would strongly recommend candidate who are preparing for research interviews to go through this process."
Dr Paul Dimitri


Please use the links below to identify current Fellowship opportunities and check eligibility

0-3 Years Post-doctoral Experience

British Heart Foundation—Advanced Training Award
Wellcome Trust—Sir Henry Wellcome Post-doctoral Fellowship
Alzheimer's Research Trust—Research Fellowship
The Royal Society—Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship
European Society of Hypertension—Research Fellowship
ERSC/MRC Interdisciplinary
Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851
European Association for Cancer Research—Mike Prince Fellowship
The Royal Society—University Research Fellowships
Parkinson's UK—Training Fellowship
MRC Methodology Research Fellowship

3-10 Years Post-doctoral Experience

MRC New Investigator Research Grants (various research areas)
MRC Career Development Award
Wellcome Trust—Principal Research Fellowship
BBSRC—David Phillips Fellowships
NIHR—Post-doctoral Research Fellowship
NIHR—Career Development Fellowship
Breast Cancer Campaign—Scientific Fellowships
British Heart Foundation—Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship
British Heart Foundation—Project Grants
Alzheimer's Research Trust—Senior Research Fellowships
Diabetes UK—RD Lawrence Fellowship
Arthritis Research Campaign Career Progression Fellowships
Arthritis Research Campaign Career Development Fellowships
Parkinson's UK—Senior Research Fellowship
ERC—Starting Grants
CRUK—Career Development Fellowship
The Royal Society—University Research Fellowship
Arthritis Research UK—Foundation Fellowship
British Heart Foundation—Advanced Training Award (change of field)
NERC—Post-doctoral Research Fellowship
EPSRC—Post-doctoral / Early Career Fellowship

Career Break Fellowships

British Heart Foundation—Career Re-entry Research Fellowships
Wellcome Trust—Career Re-entry Fellowships
Daphne Jackson Trust—Research Fellowship for returning scientists
The Royal Society—Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

International Fellowships

Federation of European Biomedical Societies—Return to Europe fellowships
Marie Curie—Intra-European Fellowship
Union for International Cancer Control Fellowship