Induction Pack


One-to-one induction for research associates

All new research associates meet with the Faculty’s Think Ahead Researcher Development Manager Dr Lucy Lee. Here you will learn about the professional development activities, and career development support you can expect from the Think Ahead programme, the wider University, and from national initiatives such as Vitae and the Research Councils. Your induction pack contains detailed information on all the Faculty opportunities, as well as useful contacts and resources, and our vision of the ideal research associate.




Support within your department

Each department has a Champion for research staff to help you with the little things. Each provides an initial point of contact, help, and advice for new starters. They will point you in the right direction for dealing with your contract and your UCard, introduce you to key departmental contacts, and take you along to meetings of the Faculty’s Research Staff Association. No request too stupid!

Find your departmental champion here

Each department also has an academic representative on the Early Career Group for the bigger questions. The list of departmental representatives can also be found by following the link above.



Managing Your Career – a workshop developed for all new starters.

This Think Ahead workshop is intended to allow researchers to plan their future careers and to consider how best they can develop themselves to maximise their prospects and make use of the support afforded them by the the Think Ahead programme. Participants will complete a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaire, which will be used to help you understand your strengths and consider areas for development whatever your career direction. All new research staff are strongly encouraged to attend this workshop.