Sofía Flores

Sofia FloresCoordination of Public Relationships and Contents, National Institute of Genomic Medicine (Mexico)

"My current position involves establishing relations between the researchers of the institute and the media. This means that I book the appointments for the media to interview the researchers and I work with scientists so they can communicate a message efficiently and accurately based on what the institute needs to inform. I also work on the content of many products that my area delivers, like bulletins, articles for magazines, or TV programmes, among others.

"What I love about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to understand how the media works in the real world (and not just of what teachers tell us) and how they take what they need to communicate science. So if we as communicators do our job right, it is highly possible that they will communicate what we need them to. I also love that I understand both worlds, the academic/scientific and the media, because of my biology and science communication degrees, and that I can apply my knowledge of both of them every day, every time.

"From the MSc I learnt a lot of things, but maybe the most important is that now I know how media works and now I don't get surprised by its behaviour – unlike scientists, as they tend to hate how media use the information, especially for propaganda. I also developed my ability to write magazine articles, I learnt how to make proper videos, to identify the core message to communicate, and to understand the ethical aspects of our profession. But most of all, the masters helped me to realise how creative I am and can be, especially because of all the ideas I can propose to help the audience understand science.

"I went to Sheffield hoping to learn how to deliver a scientific concept properly, but I returned to my country full of knowledge and abilities to communicate science and to engage with the media – and also, with a heart full of experiences and really good friends."