George London

George LondonSocial Media Executive, NHS Choices

"I currently work at NHS Choices as a Social Media Executive. NHS Choices is the largest health website in the UK (and one of the largest in the world!) receiving more than 40 million hits in January 2014 alone. I manage the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels for NHS Choices, publicising new or topical content, and interacting with the public. Additionally, I have a consultant role as part of the team delivering Public Health England campaigns such as Change4Life.

"Every day I get the chance to use the skills I learnt during the course to understand and evaluate scientific content, and communicate medical knowledge using one of the most trusted "voices" in healthcare – the NHS. Much of the time, my role sits somewhere between that of a health journalist and a digital marketer, and the course really gave me a great introduction to this type of flexible working.

"The training in journalism that I got during the MSc is used constantly – all the copy that I write is public-facing, and most days our stats show that hundreds of thousands of people (occasionally millions) see my content. Being able to communicate technical/scientific knowledge accurately and in an engaging manner for a variety of audiences is obviously really important to my role!

"I can also thank the course for getting me the job in the first place. My dissertation project was a placement with a part of the NHS National Institute of Health Research, which was arranged through the course. The course tutors supported my work on a real-world social marketing project, tackling a genuine health problem (dysphagia – swallowing problems). The feedback that I got during the interview was that being able to cite this sort of practical experience was vital to me getting the job."