Achieve More

Group of studentsAchieve More is an exciting new set of modules for all students starting at the University of Sheffield. The aims of the modules are for you to:

  • engage with academics and their research from the start of your studies
  • tackle some of the biggest global challenges facing society today
  • work across disciplines to broaden your horizons and subject knowledge
  • develop team working and problem solving skills.

You'll be introduced to the Achieve More programme during intro week and have the opportunity to take part in different activities during the first, second and final years of your degree.

Below you can find out how Achieve More works in the Faculty of Science.

Your first year Achieve More module – Breaking Boundaries

In the third week of your degree, you'll start working in a team of four students from different science and maths courses. You will use what you each know about your different areas of science to tackle a real-world scientific problem by taking part in a scientific debate in an area of current research interest at The University of Sheffield.

In the fifth week of your degree you will choose your debate title and towards the end of semester 1 you will attend a launch event, where you will start working in a team of around six to eight students from across the Faculty. All level 1 students take part in Achieve More at The University of Sheffield and in the Faculty of Science, we aim to make this module relevant to all of you by emphasising a range of skills (e.g. research, teamwork and communication skills) that will benefit you in both your later studies as well as in your future career.

You will pick your debate topic from a wide range of titles covering important topical areas such as climate change, food security, reproductive technologies... the choice is yours! Together you will study study scientific papers, develop arguments and draw conclusions in preparation for the debate. 

In semester 2, you will take part in two group tutorials and the debate.

Along the way, you will get skills training in areas such as teamwork, literature searching and communications, and you will take time to reflect on the new things you are learning. This won't just help in participating in the debate, but in the rest of your course and your future career too.

Second year students

Working alongside students and academics from a range of subjects, year 2 undergraduates will choose from a range of activities, lectures and debates involving international experts to explore how we will live in a world of 10 billion.

Final year students

Activities to support and enable students to communicate their subject knowledge to those outside their disciplines, thus strengthening their ability to convey their knowledge of their core discipline and further developing their communication skills.