About us

The Faculty of Social Sciences has a long-established reputation for producing world-leading research (REF 2014). We tackle the greatest challenges of our time and work to implement solutions.

Our academics work at the forefront of knowledge, building lasting partnerships with researchers, policymakers, NGOs and businesses across the globe.

The research they produce doesn’t just change lives beyond the University; it feeds into our teaching, giving our students a rich and vibrant experience in the classroom. That environment helps them develop into accomplished scholars, prepared to take on the great societal questions of the future.

Innovative learning and teaching

We are passionate about delivering inspirational and innovative teaching.

Our students are at the heart of the Faculty. We seek to equip them with the skills to explore their chosen subject and deepen their understanding, becoming capable and professional graduates as well as well-rounded and accomplished individuals.

We are committed to supporting students’ wellbeing, developing their confidence and encouraging their ambition.

World class research, making a difference

As home to some of the UK's leading researchers, we are renowned for our world-leading and high-impact research. We were named 54th internationally and 10th in the UK in the Times Higher Education Social Sciences Subject Rankings 2019.

Our research agenda reflects the complex challenges of our age: how to create truly sustainable growth in the face of climate change; creating an inclusive society; adapting to an ever-increasingly digital society; improving wellbeing throughout the life course; and how to harness innovative methods for understanding our world.

We are making it easier to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, we are making urban spaces greener and healthier, and we are empowering vulnerable women in developing countries through the power of radio.

Study with us. Work with us. Collaborate with us.