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The Faculty of Social Sciences has a longstanding reputation for delivering world class research. Our research addresses the major challenges facing society and our ideas are leading academic debates internationally and shaping policy and practice across the globe.

Consistently over the last twenty years our departments have been ranked at the very top in UK research assessments. The work of our academics is highly cited; the Faculty of Social Sciences is currently ranked in the top ten for citations amongst the UK leading research intensive universities. The impact of our research is exemplary and is recognised by national research council prizes and international awards.

We are working extensively with non-academic organisations and joining forces with a network of international partners. We are also developing innovative new research methods and our work is at the leading edge in the co-production of knowledge and in exploring the potential of big data.

This excellence underpins all that we do as a Faculty; our world-class research drives and enhances our teaching. We strive to make an impact, to further and discover knowledge, and to develop research and graduates to be proud of.  

Innovative learning and teaching

We are passionate about delivering inspirational, innovative and cutting edge teaching. Our staff are as dedicated to teaching as they are to their research, bringing their knowledge into the learning environment and encouraging our students to develop and flourish in an academic community. Through research led-teaching, we pride ourselves on giving students the skills, knowledge, and the ability to discover and understand for themselves. Through this work, we ensure that they not only become capable and professional social science graduates, but also well informed and accomplished individuals.

World class research, making a difference

As home to some of the UK's leading researchers, we are renowned for our high-quality and high-impact research. In the Research Excellence Framework 2014, 80% of the Faculty's research assessed was graded as world leading or internationally excellent, with the majority of the Faculty's submissions ranked in the top ten, of which 5 were in the top five. We are really proud of this achievement.

Some of our greatest successes include our Department of Politics remaining in the top three for research, our School of Education achieving a staggering 100% world leading (4 star) score for its research impact, along with the departments of Architecture, Landscape, and Town and Regional Planning all maintaining their top five positions. There have also been some great gains for our departments too; The Law School has risen to become a top ten department, third overall for its research output.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved to date and we are excited about our ever more ambitious research agenda. We hope you enjoy reading about our research strengths and successes in Sustainable Growth; Inclusive Society; Wellbeing and the Life Course; Digital Society and Innovative Methods.


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