Can conservation help build peace in warzones?

More than 70% of Africa’s national parks have been affected by war in recent decades, and wildlife has suffered as a result, but can wildlife conservation be used as a tool to build peace and stability?

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New research project to unlock the UK productivity puzzle

Two Management School professors are leading a new national research network to forge new interdisciplinary social science insights about productivity in the UK.

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Third of UK research outputs published open access, report finds

More than a third of UK research outputs are now freely available to the world at the point of publication, new research has found.

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Big data could bring about workplace utopia -  or the office from hell

Monitoring and analysing the health of employees in the workplace could help reduce the number of sick days, but at what cost?

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China wants to dominate the world’s green energy markets — here’s why

Already a leader in solar and wind energy manufacturing, China's dominance will be paid out in more than dollars and cents, says Chris Pope from the School of East Asian Studies.

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Aid scepticism isn’t damaging donations to international charities – but it might in future

Professor Dan Brockington and Dr Nicola Banks look at the UK's development NGO sector and the continuing narrative of foreign aid scepticism.

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