Student Experience

Student experience is at the heart of the Faculty of Social Sciences. We are proud to offer our students a range of diverse opportunities in addition to our inspirational, innovative and cutting edge teaching. The student experience is key to our strategy and we are proud of the ambitious and exciting opportunities that we offer.

We are committed to our research led-teaching, giving our students the skills, knowledge, and ability to discover and understand for themselves. We are equally dedicated to enhancing our students’ development through our employability strategy, our international student experience agenda and innovative learning initiatives. Through this work, we ensure that our students not only become capable and professional social science graduates, but also well informed and accomplished individuals who have embraced experiences beyond the lecture theatre.

Providing students with outstanding and unique experiences which enhance their development.

Case studies

White Rose DTC Seminar students

White Rose Doctoral Training Centre

Our White Rose Doctoral Training Centre, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), provides all of our doctoral students with the highest level of training and a wide variety of opportunities to enhance their research programme.

Our aim is to equip a new generation of doctoral graduates with the skills to tackle future research and leadership challenges whether working in academic, private, public or other sectors.

The White Rose is an initiative that spans the Universities of Sheffield, Leeds and York. If you would like to be part of a thriving doctoral community, gain advanced methods skills and have unique opportunities to enhance your research, apply to one of our Departments to do one of our unique PhD programmes.

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Global Learning Opportunities in Social Sciences

Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences (GLOSS) provides undergraduate and postgraduate students with an innovative range of international learning opportunities that contribute to the Faculty’s commitment to promoting the internationalisation of learning and teaching.

GLOSS offers students unique opportunities to actively engage with international policy makers, stakeholders and partners and be involved in international research undertaken within the Faculty. The skills developed by students participating in GLOSS will enhance their employability through the strengthening of their global awareness and intercultural skills.

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