Outstanding student work showcased
at Achieve More awards evening

Group 207The work of undergraduate students from the Faculty’s 13 departments was celebrated at the Achieve More awards evening held earlier this month.

This is the second cohort of first year students to complete the Faculty’s Achieve More: State of Sheffield module, following its initial run in 2014. The awards evening celebrates the best submissions from the Faculty’s State of Sheffield: Global Perspectives on Local Issues module.

The participating student projects were judged by three panels led by Jackie Marsh; Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching, Claire Allam; and Julia Bishop; Module Developers for Faculty of Social Sciences Achieve More.

The three panels had to choose a winner from the 10 projects they were allocated to judge.

The award of ‘Best Artefact’ was up for public ballot by everyone attending the event. This was won by an environment theme team for their video submission on ‘How to Improve the General Cemetery of Sheffield, Whilst Generating Income.’

The winning teams and their Achieve More categories are listed below:

Group 58 - Impact theme: Professions, the University and the city (video)
Students: Chun Yu Cheng, Richard Greaves, Pranavnath Kasinadhuni, Laura Newcombe, Salomi Nicolaide, Syeda Quader, Alexander Vasconcelos Ellis

Group 178 - Citizenship theme: How Can the Social Sciences stop the Cyber Bullies and Twitter Trolls (video)
Students: Dafne Achniotou, Jools Arts, Lawrence Greco, Sanaya Knowle, Wing Law Lo, Lewis Manning, Patience Nasieku

Group 207 - Equity theme: Sheffield as a Divided City - How Can it be made Fairer
Students: Madalaine Apperly, Ishita Gupta, Benjamin Lee, Shakeel Mehmet, Saskia Newbould, Kimberley Rust, Eleanor Thomson

Group 235 - Diversity theme: Superdiverse Sheffield
Students: Victoria Askham, Emma Gray, Jingyi Ju, Stephen Kelly, Aleena Umeshkumar, Amelia Vaughan

Group 77 - Environment theme: Death Redesigned (video)
Students: James Black, Jordan Fenlon, Evelina Mockunaite, Thomas Wade, Lauren Waring

Monopoly boardThe winning team of the ‘Sheffield as a Divided City’ project re-created the Sheffield East-West divide as the Monopoly board game for their submission. The project highlights inequality in Sheffield’s property market. Schools in the affluent areas of Sheffield are rated ‘Outstanding’ over the ‘Good’ schools near the lower tier properties.
The Southey ward was represented as a brown property; a typically lower tier property in the game, and would cost the player an affordable £65,000. This is in contrast to the high costing Dark blue properties for Whirlow where a property there costs £650,000.

Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching, Jackie Marsh said: “The judging panel were highly impressed by the quality of student outcomes of 'The State of Sheffield' this year. We saw a range of impressive artefacts, from posters, 3D models and websites to models of ideas for initiatives to address food poverty and sustainability created inside pizza cartons!

“Identifying the winners was, therefore, very difficult, but in the end we identified those projects in which there seemed to have been a very dynamic and cohesive team process, with high originality in terms of the artefact created, as deserving of a prize. I congratulate the winners, and also thank all of our students for their fantastic work on the Level 1 Achieve More event. “