Politics student referenced in House of Lords Select Committee Report

ParliamentThe work of third year student Alex Burchill from the Department of Politics has been referenced in the final report of a House of Lords Select Committee.

Alex is studying the Department’s Parliamentary Studies module which explores how parliaments and legislatures operate, focusing on the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The module involves a research field trip and as part of their assessment students are required to prepare a submission of evidence for a Select Committee instead of a normal essay.

They receive specialist advice on undertaking this assessment and several students go on to formally submit their work to the Select Committee inquiry they have studied. This year around eight students had their submissions formally published on the Select Committee's website but this is the first time that a House of Lords Select Committee has referenced one of our students’ submissions in the final report.

Module leader Matthew Flinders said: “The original aim of the Parliamentary Studies module was to blend academic knowledge with professional knowledge in a manner that allowed students to demonstrate the value of their studies. Writing a submission of evidence for a Select Committee is a daunting task for anyone but our students have consistently demonstrated they are up to the task.

"On this occasion Alex Burchill has shown real insight and dedication and this is reflected in the fact that the House of Lords has referenced his submission in their final report on how growing up with the internet is affecting the lives of children”.

The Select Committee’s final Report Growing up with the Internet references Alex’s submission on page 27.

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