Research-led teaching

Research led teaching

We believe that excellent research leads to excellent teaching.

Our academics take their fieldwork, methodologies and theories and bring them into the lecture theatre and seminar room for students to learn, practice, question and develop.

Find out how research led-teaching is taking place across the Faculty.

Architecture home

Castlegate ‘Live Project’ involves students in city regeneration

Masters students at the School of Architecture are getting practical industry experience that benefits the wider community, through taking part in a project to rejuvenate the city centre area of Castlegate.

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Students prepare for careers in Japanese multinational companies

The School of East Asian Studies has enhanced its curriculum after research suggests students need to be better equipped for the Japanese job market as companies become more keen to hire Western graduates.

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Economics home

Food inflation research aids student understanding of commodity markets

A member of the University’s Department of Economics researched and built a forecasting model to predict food price inflation and garner insights into why it’s happening. For students studying world commodity markets in their final year, it’s proved a useful resource.

The project, sponsored by the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in 2010, builds on years of research into food pricing and world commodity markets.

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Education home

Lost in translation? Heritage language and wellbeing link

The School of Education finds a profound link between language and sense of identity, with mental health implications when certain languages are considered less valid than others.

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Geography Home

Lava lake trip lays groundwork for student’s volcanology career

An undergraduate student from the Department of Geography accompanied academic staff on a research fieldwork trip, as part of a GLOSS initiative that gives students the opportunity to work as research associates.

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Info home

Information sharing research aids student understanding of digital data use

Three researchers from the Information School have explored the way people use diet and fitness mobile apps - to investigate what information app users share and how they make sense of the information that they get back.

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Journalism home

Championing media freedom equips future journalists for careers

The Department of Journalism Studies and its Centre for Freedom of the Media (CFOM) is giving students a real-world understanding about the practical implications of a career in journalism – ensuring our future journalists can work freely and safely.

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Landscape home

Training future urban designers to make a social difference

Research surrounding socially restorative urban design is encouraging students to recognise and respond to global urbanisation issues; by making them socially aware of the health, wellbeing and environmental impacts of built design.

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Image for Law case study

Prisoners’ rights research encouraging civic engagement among students

A lecturer in the School of Law is encouraging students to challenge the current socio-political landscape of penal reform, by drawing on his experience researching the rights of prisoners in the Republic of Ireland.

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Image for Management School case study

Group work creativity research directly impacting teaching practice

An academic from the University’s Management School is putting his research on group work creativity into practice, by directly responding to his own findings and changing the way he delivers taught sessions.

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Politics case study image

Democratic theory research inspiring students to reform public services

The Department of Politics is encouraging Masters students to think critically about the ways in which public services – such as health, education and environment – can be more effective, by identifying problems and finding solutions.

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SMI Home

Researching effects of opinion polls encourages student-led political research

An academic from the Sheffield Methods Institute is researching how public opinion polls influence political party strategies, and the effects of campaigning on election outcomes – which has seen his students take on their own research in similar areas.

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Evil page

A ‘sociology of evil’ gives students a fresh perspective on sociological theory

An academic at the University’s Department of Sociological Studies has developed work into understanding the nature and processes of evil, and what role it has in society; delivering students with an entirely fresh sociological topic.

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USP Home

Virtual reality technology develops Urban Studies students’ understanding of space

The Department of Urban Studies and Planning have pioneered a project that allows students to bring their work to life, through the use of immersive virtual and augmented reality technology.

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