Music exhibition

Our exhibit focuses on the work of composition students, highlighting music that experiments with sound, technology, and silence.

Detour I

Henry Eady's piece was created by synthesizing and re-synthesizing sounds.

My brain is a folded device

Jordan Platt addresses contemporary issues surrounding the increasing digitalisation of contemporary life.

'Stupid Midas'

Patrick McMahon researches representations of the ancient myth of the Judgement of Midas in Italian art of the early 16th century.

High Note

An online music journal produced by students at the Music Department of the University of Sheffield.


Alex Gowan-Webster reflects on his driving experiences in his local area

Wrathful Vine

Vanessa Massera’s music is influenced by an ancient prophetic text.


Jeremy Hajduk’s work seeks to create a real relationship between sonic and visual arts.


Chris Bevan’s composition makes use of just one instrument – a bicycle.


David Alexander-Barns’s music draws on the dynamics of theatre for its form and structure.

Inaudible Soundscapes

Jonathan Higgins’ piece begins with what we cannot hear.

This Actually Happened

Alex Gowan-Webster uses technology to transform an everyday sound.