Academic speaking

Arts & Humanities 2017 showcase event

Date 11 March 2017
Location Millennium Galleries, Sheffield
Rooms Arundel Room and Activities Room
Time 11am-4pm
Entry Free - no tickets required, just turn up

10 Minute Talks

Discover more about a range of topics, from Japanese drumming to gender roles in revolutionary Russia.

Leading researchers from across our departments - Music, Archaeology, English History, and Languages & Cultures - will be giving engaging 10 minute talks on their areas of interest.

View the 10 Minute Talks times below


Come and chat to our researchers and see what they're up to in our exhibition.

Find our about medieval nuns, implicit bias, 3D scanning and much more from Archaeology to History, Music, Philosophy, Languages and English.

Activities for children

Pop in and discover something exciting or new. Open to all ages, with plenty for children. Free entry.

We'll have plenty of fun experiments and activities for kids throughout the day.

They can try out stop-motion animation, have a go at writing some music, or make their own pantry god! You can also come and chat to our staff and find out more about what we do.

10 Minute Talks - timings

Come to the Millennium Galleries for a day accessible bitesize talks from some of our leading researchers.

All the talks are 10 minutes, and you can drop in at anytime - no need to book.

11:00 Dokodon! Japanese drumming in the UK

Kate Walker (Music)

11:10 What can computers teach us about meaning in early English books?

Seth Mehl (English)

11:20 Pictures, words, and their meanings

Dominic Gregory (Philosophy)

11:30 A Celtic or National Aesthetic? Flute playing in the contemporary Asturian Folk Scene

Mike Walsh (Music)

11:40 Scary dolls, super machines... from puppets to performing objects

Julia Dobson (Languages & Cultures)

11:50 Performing Stones: Memory, Forgetting and Communist Monuments.

Carmen Levick (English)

12:00 Mothering to Death: The History of Child Abuse in Hospitals

Chris Millard (History)

12:20 Reading groups: literary interpretation in action.

Sara Whiteley (English)

12:30 The Importance of the 1930s: The Battle of Cable Street 80 Years On

Liam Liburd (History)

12:40 Becoming a Heroine

Val Derbyshire (English)

12:50 Habits of Mind

Jeremy Dunham (Philosophy)

13:10 100 years since the Russian Revolution: Beyond the Stereotypes

Craig Brandist (Languages & Cultures)

13:20 Luther's Language, Our Language

Iona Hine (English)

13:30 Tips and tricks in language learning

Dagmar Divjak (Languages & Cultures)

13:40 Sounds in the dark: The art of the acousmatic

Adrian Moore (Music)

13:50 Gendering 1917 (and after): Reconsidering the roles of men and women in Revolutionary Russia

Hannah Parker (History)

14:00 The Beautiful Game? Women and Football in Brazil

David Wood (Languages & Cultures)

14:10 Of Fabrics and Fabrication: a discussion on cotton and tarpaulin

Dina Gusejnova/Esme Cleall (History)

14:20 Should the government encourage us to pay other people to do our housework?

Jan Windebank (Languages & Cultures)

14:30 5 things we can learn about music from the history of radio

Helen Gubbins (Music)

14:50 She-Wolves and Poor Lambs: Resistant Nuns, Martin Luther and the Reformation

Elizabeth Goodwin (History)

15:00 The consumption of dog meat in prehistoric Europe: a case study from Attica, Greece

Angelos Hadjikoumis (Archaeology)

15:10 Democracy - a philosophical perspective

Angie Hobbs (Philosophy)

15:20 The Puzzle of Non-existence

Niall Connolly (Philosophy)

15:30 Exile after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire

Harry Mawdsley (History)

15:40 Renaissance

James Cook (Music)

15:50 Why Gothic?: Exploring the Gothic in contemporary culture and criticism

Mary Going & Lauren Nixon (English)

16:00 Charlotte Bronte's Face

Amber Regis (English)