Finance Review - July Update

Chief Financial Officer: Helen Dingle

When I last wrote to you in June, we were in the process of scoping out stakeholder engagement sessions for stage 2. These will enable staff from across the organisation to have input to the review process and to help shape the finance function of the future.

The sessions will involve both finance staff and our customers, and will explore a range of key activities and how they are delivered from the perspective of both. We will run separate sessions to cover each of the following themes:

A. Financial management of research grants

B. Forecasting and planning for my department (incl. reserves)

C. Understanding financial performance

D. Non research finance - including contracts

E. Procure to Pay (P2P)

F. Other activities identified in sessions A-E for further consideration.

The sessions will be facilitated by Heads of Finance from faculties and professional services, with help from colleagues from the Process Improvement Unit.

Invite lists are currently being compiled and an overview of all sessions will be available on our webpage. Please don’t worry if you haven't been invited to a session at this stage, as there will be a further opportunity to contribute at a later date.

The outputs will be made available in due course, and will ultimately help form the basis of the model we adopt for service delivery.

We have also been working to resolve a couple of key questions relating to the scope of the review. For staff who provide financial support and advice to students within the Financial Support team and the Student Fees team in Student Support Services, we have confirmed that these activities are out of scope in respect of the customer facing services provided. With respect to the review of faculty-based research support, there are still a number of staff who may be considered as part of both reviews. However we are working with colleagues in Human Resources to ensure that, where possible, people are not affected by more than one restructure.

As well as the stakeholder sessions, we will be reviewing the overall timelines for the project over the summer and will provide further information on this in due course.

As usual, if you have any questions relating to the content of this email, or the review itself, then please contact us via You can, of course, also speak to your line manager to raise any concerns on your behalf.

Date: 19/07/2018