Finance Review - June Update

Chief Financial Officer: Helen Dingle

As part of our commitment to open communications about the finance review, we said that we would provide regular email updates to help keep you informed. This email is the first update since I wrote to you in May with the outline information relating to the review. Since then we have delivered the initial briefing sessions to staff and begun the process of scoping out the stakeholder sessions to provide input into Stage 2.

In addition to the three sessions outlined in the previous email, we laid on an extra session to meet additional demand. The sessions were well attended with over 200 colleagues attending the four sessions. As well as colleagues from the finance department, the sessions included staff from Faculty and Departmental teams as well as professional services staff who were interested to know how they might be affected by the review. Thank you to everyone who attended. The questions and discussion have helped us develop a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document which is attached and will also shortly be available via our intranet page (Finance Review).

Please take the time to have a look at them and let us know if anything isn’t clear.

As we said at the briefing sessions, if you have any additional questions about any part of the review, you can email these to the finance review inbox ( We plan to update the FAQs regularly as new questions come in from staff and we will let you know when we have done so.

Date: 19/06/2018