How to set up a new customer

A customer is an external company, establishment or individual who the University of Sheffield sell goods or services to (conferences, short courses, equipment, room hire, catering etc.).

Alternatively, The University of Sheffield On-line Store provides a secure facility for University departments to sell products or services to customers anywhere in the world. Use the On-line Store for sales of: Conferences, Short Courses, Ticketed Graduation Events, Field Trips, Products (books, course packs, merchandise), and Events.

You can request a new customer account to be set-up in uBASE. Please check that an account doesn’t already exist* by using transaction VD03 (Display Customer (Sales)) in uBASE.

You will need to provide:

  • full and correct address details in your request. You can check the address details you have at the Royal Mail’s website
  • telephone, fax and email contact details where available (and please keep us updated with changes)

Points to note when completing the request form:

  • Please only put an individual’s name in the Name of Customer field where the account is a private account for that individual. For companies, contact names should go in the Contact field at the bottom of the form.
  • * If the customer you’re supplying exists in uBASE, but with a different address to the one you need to send your invoice to, you should request that a Bill-to-Address account be created. The Bill-to-Address account number will begin with 8000**** and will be attached to a main customer account (number beginning with 20000****). To create a Bill-to-Address account, simply complete the form as normal but enter the main account number in the comments box.

If in doubt, please contact the customer before completing the new customer account request form.


Need help or more information?

Who to contact
If you are in any doubt about whether income is subject to VAT or which VAT code to use contact the tax team for advice and guidance.

Contact the Income Office for advice and guidance on paying in income, petty cash and cash advances.

Contact your faculty finance team, professional services finance team or Research Finance for queries on sales invoices or WBS codes.