Request an Advance of Expenditure Request Form

It may occasionally be appropriate for you to receive a payment in advance for your expenses instead of claiming for your expenses in retrospect.

An Advance of Expenditure Request can be made for up to £300.00 and paid directly to your bank account (sterling only).

Requests for Advances are made only direct to an individual’s bank account and require a minimum of 5 working days to process. As much notice as possible is required – please note that if insufficient notice is provided then the request may not be able to be fulfilled. Five working days is required due to the University’s BACS system; the actual bank transfer takes three days from processing (Mon, Wed or Fri) and has to be included in the forecast calculated the day before, so 4 days in total.

Please complete this form to request an Advance of Expenditure and then scan and email it to for additional authorisation and processing.

The original signed documentation should be retained by the office/department and be available upon request.

Travel and Business Expenses Team will email the recipient (and anybody else as per the form) on issue of the Advance with instructions on how to return receipts/unspent funds with a deadline of two weeks after the notified completion of expenditure.

Itemised receipts will be required for all items of expenditure as evidence of appropriate spend. Please note credit/debit card receipts cannot be accepted as evidence of spend because they do not itemise goods or services.

If you are visiting the Department of Finance in person then you can find more information about how to find us and our opening times

Need Help or More Information?

Please email for advice and guidance on Advances of Expenditure.