Expenditure General Ledger Codes (GL Codes)

(For use with Petty Cash and Cash Advances)

A General Ledger, or GL expenditure code is required for processing petty cash and cash advance for expenses.

Please refer to the financial regulations for appropriate use of petty cash and cash advance for expenses

Expenditure GL codes are used alongside cost centre or non-core projects and research grants (WBS codes) to identify the type of expenditure incurred by the University.

Valid Expenditure GL Codes for Use by All University Departments

61200 Cleaning consumables
61202 Health and safety consumables
61203 Lab/workshop consumables
61204 Field laboratory services and supplies
61205 Office consumables
61206 Catering consumables
61207 Books and periodicals
61209 Food purchases
61210 Bar purchases
61400 Cleaning equipment
61401 Electrical equipment
61405 Health and safety equipment
61406 Lab/workshop furniture and equipment
61407 Office furniture and equipment
61409 Vehicle purchase/costs
61411 Telephones
61412 Catering equipment
61701 Administrative expenses
61900 Other expenses
61901 Expenses (patients/visitors)
61903 Printing
61904 Postage
61905 Conferences and meetings
61916 Software costs
61917 Stationery
61919 Decorations/flowers
61920 Advertising (non-printing)
61932 Travel and subsistence overseas
61933 Travel and subsistence UK

Valid Expenditure GL Codes for Use by Accommodation and Campus Services ONLY

61208 ACS bar consumables
61408 ACS residences and catering furniture and expenditure
61414 ACS furniture maintenance
61415 ACS equipment maintenance


Need Help or More Information?

Who to Contact
Contact the Income Office for advice and guidance on petty cash and Travel and Business Expenses for Advances of Expenditure

A Finance Manager supports Academic Departments or Professional Services Departments with queries relating to departmental expenditure and budgets for non-research activities.  Faculty Finance provide support for academic departments for research activities.