Income General Ledger Codes (GL Codes)

A General Ledger code, or GL income code is required when paying-in income to the University. GL codes are used alongside a WBS code to identify the type of income received by the University.

Please note that there should be no cash income for research projects.

Valid Income GL codes for Use by All University Departments

50141 Research Training Support Grants (RTSG) and other fees (including short course and academic conferences)
50310 Services rendered (including consultancy)
50340 Other operating income
50349 Donations

Valid Income GL Codes for Use by Accommodation and Campus Services ONLY

50301 ACS fines/extra charges
50302 ACS catering income
50303 ACS bar income
50304 ACS other income
50306 ACS conference catering income
50307 ACS conference accommodation income
50308 ACS vending income
50308 ACS room hire income


Need Help or More Information?

Who to Contact
Contact the Income Office for advice and guidance on paying in income, petty cash and cash advances.