Raise a Sales Invoice

Having an efficient sales invoicing process is vital for any organisation and for the University it is important not only for cash flow and VAT recording but also as it portrays our professional approach to collecting income from our customers.

The University has an excellent track record in recovering its debts and this is made possible by having our sales invoices raised in a prompt and accurate manner.

Certain areas of the University’s activities are invoiced by central teams within the Department of Finance and staff need not undertake this function in their departments, eg invoicing for externally funded Research Grants and Contracts is undertaken only by the Research Finance, the billing of students for their Tuition and Accommodation Fees is undertaken by the Income Office.

Where it is the responsibility of staff in their departments to raise sales invoices, it is essential that the set procedure for doing this (including the prescribed layout and content of the invoice document) is adhered to. The creation of sales invoices is a function in uBASE that staff only gain access to by having undertaken the required training and then the allocation of the appropriate profile.

Most organisations require a purchase order before they will pay our invoice. Please obtain a purchase order number from your customer and enter this in the PO field on your sales invoice.

Staff should NOT prompt or request payments to be made to the University for services we have provided by simply sending a letter or email. In all cases a formal University sales invoice is required.

There are instances when a sales invoice is either not required or is not appropriate and these are typically functions or events where students or other customers are paying on the day or through the On-line Store, for the services they have received, eg student contributions to course materials. Further guidance is available on 'how to handle income'.

If you have any doubt whether a sales invoice should be raised, please contact a member of the commercial customer team in the Income Office in the first instance.

If you are visiting the Department of Finance in person then you can find out more about how to find us and our opening times.


Need Help or More Information?

Who to Contact
If you are in any doubt about whether income is subject to VAT or which VAT code to use contact the Tax section for advice and guidance.

Contact the Income Office for advice and guidance on paying in income, petty cash and cash advances.

For guidance on handling your income, setting up new project accounts and raising Sales Invoices contact the Finance Manager for your Academic Department or Professional Services Department or Research Finance.