Insurance FAQ’S

Would the travel insurance policy cover me if I tag a personal trip onto my business trip?

Yes, as long as the primary purpose of the journey is for University business, the personal trip is less than the number of days on business (and the personal element under 14 days in total), is in the same country and that the duration of the whole trip is not over 12 months. Please ensure that these dates are included in your travel insurance form.

Can I arrange travel insurance cover for a spouse and children accompanying me on a business trip?

Yes, please include their names in the travel insurance form.

I have an existing medical condition; can I still have travel insurance?

Cover for existing medical conditions is automatic as long as travel is not contrary to medical advice

I am visiting another University and taking my own personal car is this insured?

Your vehicle will not be insured on the UoS policy. You need to contact your own motor insurer and check that you have business insurance on your policy.

The UoS will not be responsible for your policy excess and any additional premium in the event of a claim on your own personal motor policy.

I am taking some UoS equipment and my personal belongings including laptop on a business trip to the UK and staying overnight in a hotel. Is the equipment and my personal belongings covered?

Automatic cover will be in place up to £50,000 for the UoS property but the policy excesses as detailed in the property section will be in effect.

Please note that theft from an unattended vehicle is excluded and any equipment should be kept out of sight when not in use.

We do not have personal belongings cover, you should check with your home insurers that you have business cover on your household contents policy.

However, as your trip involves an overnight stay and is on UoS business the travel insurance would provide cover up to £3,000 for your personal belongings.

We have staff and students who daily travel up and down the country on University business. This often includes overnight accommodation, equipment and train travel or hire car. Do we need to book travel insurance for all these trips.

Insurance cover is provided automatically if travelling in the UK by rail/flight even if no overnight stay on University business - this would provide cover such as for loss/theft of baggage and personal accidents. If travel was to the UK but not by rail/flight then there would need to be an overnight stay involved.

I already have a personal annual travel insurance policy, can I just use this for my business trips?

Most personal travel insurance policies will not cover business trips or business equipment and because of this and that we cannot be satisfied that they provide the most appropriate cover you should still arrange business travel insurance through the University whilst on University business.