Property Insurance

The University has insurances in place for damage to buildings or contents whilst on campus, including equipment on loan and equipment taken off campus temporarily.

There is no charge for laptop/tablet insurance cover, but departments must maintain comprehensive asset registers in order for cover to be provided.

Exclusions and Excesses

The policy excesses are:

  • Computers, Laptops and Tablets £1000
  • Equipment in transit £5000
  • Theft £5000
  • All other including accidental damage £5000

Please note that there is no insurance cover for loss, any thefts will need to have a police crime reference number and theft from an unattended vehicle is excluded from the policy.

Laptops and tablets are covered under this policy when used in Great Britain. The personal belongings section of the travel policy provides cover when travelling overseas on University related business. If laptops or tablets are taken overseas on non-University business, they will not be covered under our policies. The laptop/tablet policy does not cover mobile phones.

Key Points

  • Equipment on temporary loan is automatically insured once in our possession up to an aggregate value of £250,000. Departments should ensure that all items on loan for more than a few days are noted on the departmental asset register. Please notify the insurance section of anything over this amount.
  • Equipment taken off campus temporarily by University staff and on University business will be automatically insured up to an aggregate value of £250,000 for general contents, £50,000 for deeds and other documents, photographic, scientific, audio-visual and similar equipment on field trips up to a maximum value of £250,000 any one trip, subject to a maximum value of £50,000 any one item. Please notify the insurance section of anything over this amount.
  • If items of University equipment are being loaned to any third party then please check that the third party will be providing insurance cover for loss, damage and theft.
  • Equipment in transit - If the university owned equipment is being transported by University staff then automatic cover will be in place subject to the above maximum values. 
  • If items are being sent by courier then they should be covered by the couriers insurance whilst in their custody and control.  Should there be any problems with this please contact the insurance section to see if our insurance can be extended for items over £5,000 - Departments will be responsible for any additional premiums if this is arranged.
  • Please note that items carried in aircraft by individuals over £3,000 must be carried as hand luggage. If this is not possible, please check that the airline will cover the equipment.

How to Make a Claim

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Need Help or More Information?

Who to Contact
Please contact Joanne Rollitt in the insurance team for advice and guidance on insurance issues, email, or telephone 0114 2221510.

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