Travel Insurance and Personal Accident


All staff and students are covered by the University’s travel insurance where travel is made on University business providing that an insurance travel form has been completed.

To arrange overseas cover please enter your details here which will produce a certificate for you to download/email.  If you need to make any changes to your certificate of if there are any errors that need rectifying please email with the reference number.

UK trips with an overnight stay or a flight/rail travel will automatically be covered without the need to report.

There is no charge for our standard travel insurance cover.

Travel to areas with an increased risk

All trips to areas that the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential/advise against all travel must be referred to the insurance office. If travel is arranged without the prior knowledge of the insurance office, cover may not be in place.

You can check your destinations status here:

In addition please note that no travel insurance cover is in place for trips to the following locations:

Nigeria (but only for travel to the Niger Delta Region and North of Abuja)
North Korea
North Sudan

We may be able to facilitate cover through insurers to some of the countries detailed but advice should be sought from the insurance office well in advance of travel.

Policy Benefits

A summary of the policy is available here.

Emergency contact details and pre-travel advice is available here.

Exclusions - Please view the policy summary for full details of exclusions & limitations

Mobile phones are not covered - please ensure that your personal mobile phone is insured for loss, theft or accidental damage by alternative means.  This could be through your household insurers or a mobile phone insurance plan.

Medical expenses exclusion - There is no cover on the travel insurance policy for medical expenses, repatriation or evacuation costs incurred in a persons normal country of residence.

If you are permanently based and living in the UK – then it would suggest that the UK would be your normal country of residence unless you are only here for a short period.

Please contact the insurance office for clarification if you are unsure.

Travel delay compensation is not covered - If you booked a flight that departed from Europe or was a European airline, you might have rights under EU law if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

For the EU law to apply, you'll need to have departed from the UK, European Union (EU), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

If this doesn't apply to you please contact your airline directly to check if you are entitled to any compensation.


The insurance office will be unable to deal with any claims under £50.  However, if your claim is above this amount then the full claim could be met, subject to any further excesses.

For any trips over 6 months in duration there will be a £250 policy excess in respect of each and every claim under the following sections of the policy:

  • Medical and emergency travel expenses
  • Baggage
  • Money and Credit Cards

Please note that for all trips there is a policy excess of £100 for any cancellation and curtailment claims (change of itinerary).

Key Points

  • A risk assessment must be completed for all trips overseas on University business.  A template form can be located from the health & safety web pages here.
  • Business equipment - please bear in mind the single article limit of £3,000.  If you are carrying equipment over this amount either in the hold of the aircraft or as hand luggage please notify
  • Medical Electives - you are entitled to this cover as a University of Sheffield student travelling as part of your research/course.  The same excesses and covers detailed are applicable to you.  Our insurance would not cover injury to another person through your negligence i.e. a needlestick injury to a patient.  If you were to have a needlestick injury then the injury would be dealt with under the emergency medical expenses cover. This would include any other emergency treatment you would need. However, it would not cover any further ongoing treatment required once you had returned home. This should be covered under the healthcare provided by your own country.
  • The maximum duration of any single trip must not exceed 12 months without prior notification to the Insurance office.
  • Please note that the cover we provide is not health insurance. It will not cover routine care such as for pre-existing medical conditions - only emergency. For example; it would not cover monthly medication/doctors visits for a diabetic. However, if this person had a hypoglycemic episode then this would be covered as it would be an emergency.
  • Incidental personal holiday - We can normally cover up to no more than 2 weeks incidental holiday tagged onto a business trip as long as it is in the same country and the duration of the business trip outweighs the length of the personal time. These holiday dates must be included in the travel form that you arrange for the business trip. For example; we would not be able to cover a 2 week holiday after a 7 or 10 day conference but if you were away on University business for 3 weeks and then stayed on for another week in the same area then this would be covered.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are automatically covered providing travel is not contrary to medical advice.
  • Accompanying spouses and dependent children can be covered for the duration of a business trip on the authority of departments. 
  • If you need to return to the UK early whilst on a business trip due to illness, please seek medical advice from Healix for approval if these costs will be claimed on the travel insurance.
  • There are no specific restrictions on sporting activities as long as they are not part of competitions, but travellers should not engage in activities where their experience or skill levels fall below those reasonably required for participation in those activities. Reputable and qualified guides/trainers/instructors should be used when undertaking activities.  Please ensure that these activities are included in your travel risk assessment.  If you are partaking in any perceived risky activities then please contact the insurance office.
  • If you are visiting the EU please ensure you have a valid EHIC card.

Staff working overseas

Please view and follow the guidance provided by HR for long and short term assignments overseas

Volunteers overseas

If volunteers are resident in the UK and the University is paying for their travel and expenses then they can be covered on the University travel insurance policy.  Please ensure that a travel form is completed for a certificate of insurance.

If volunteers are not resident in the UK or the University is not paying for their travel or expenses then they will need to arrange their own travel insurance policy.  They may need to provide information on the activities they will be doing to their insurers to ensure that the right cover is in place.

Airbnb, Uniplaces and similar accommodation providers

Please note that the University will not pay for accommodation booked by staff and students travelling on University business in the UK or overseas through Airbnb, Uniplaces or similar providers and does not endorse their use.

The University has taken this stance following careful consideration of the Duty of Care that Employers have to their staff and students in consultation with colleagues in the University's Health and Safety team.

For full information please view the advice note!/file/Guidance_on_use_of_Airbnb.pdf

Travel Assistance App

Our travel insurers RSA have a travel assistance app available for download through apple and google play.

This app provides alerts and country profiles giving assistance on security and safety whilst away as well as pre-travel advice and an area where you can save your travel documents, medical information and set up an emergency contact.  

In the event of an emergency you can call Healix direct who will offer help and support with medical and security incidents.

Please view the instruction booklet in the downloads menu for how to set up the app for your benefit.  The policy number is RKK699045 (please ensure you use capitals).

Travel App Image 1 Travel App Image 2

How to Make a Claim

When travelling please take a note of the emergency assist numbers. 

If you need emergency medical or security assistance please contact Healix below for advice who will be able to help with costs directly.

If you have visited a hospital/doctors for emergency assistance and need to reclaim this amount please complete a claim form and forward to with copies of receipts and doctors notes within 90 days of the incident.

Policy number: RKK699045 (Royal Sun Alliance)
Helpline: +44 (0) 20 8763 3155 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

To make a claim, please click here.

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Please contact Joanne Rollitt in the insurance team for advice and guidance on insurance issues, email, or telephone 0114 2221510.

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