Invoice Process

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Processing of all invoices relating to goods and services supplied to the University is managed by the Payments Team.

For details on what your invoice must contain to be processed on time see our Invoice Essentials page

Payments - Key Facts

The Payments Team sit within the Finance Service of the University of Sheffield, and are responsible for processing invoices submitted into the organisation on a daily basis. In order to provide a streamlined and efficient service the team have engaged a third party scanning company to receive invoices on our behalf and scan the image into our finance system, capturing key invoice data with the aid of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

In order for the OCR scanning technology and background workflow process to run as smoothly as possible, the Payments Team require certain information and actions to take place from the vendor. Namely an invoice needs to contain the following information in order for it to be deemed legitimate and suitable for processing, details of which can be found below.

  • Valid Purchase Order number
  • Invoice Reference Number
  • Vendor Bank Account details
  • Invoice Line Item details
  • Line item, nett and Gross Values
  • Reference to the University of Sheffield in the payee details

How should I send my invoice?

The preferred method of submitting an invoice to the University of Sheffield is by emailed PDF document, sent to the dedicated email address. This is the quickest and most efficient way to get an invoice paid by the University, however we do recognise in some circumstances a vendor may not be able to submit invoices via email, and as such we would like vendors to note the new PO Box postal address, to be used for submission of invoices to the University:

University of Sheffield Invoices, PO Box 7826, Corby, NN17 9HJ

To allow us to process invoices as quickly and efficiently as possible, we kindly request vendors refrain for submission of duplicate or copy documents, and contact rather contact in circumstances where you wish to raise a query with a previously submitted invoice.

Please note, failure to comply with any of the above stated points could lead to delays in payments to vendors, or in a worst case scenario a rejection of the invoice at the submission stage.

Do you have an invoice relating to costs as a Research Partner?

Research Partner invoices will not have a Purchase order (PO) number, it will instead have a grant or reference number which will be supplied by the University of Sheffield. Research invoices which DO NOT quote a valid grant or reference number WILL be returned to vendors unpaid.

Common reasons why invoices are not paid on time

  • The invoice does not contain a Purchase Order (PO) number or a grant/reference number
  • The Department fails to goods receipt items on the invoice
  • Amounts quoted on the invoice different to those quoted on the purchase order
  • Items on the invoice fail to match items on the purchase order 
  • Vendor has changed bank details / company name and or address and has failed to provide evidence for these changes, their account has subsequently been frozen
  • Vendor is requesting a currency the University is unable to trade in.