Invoice Process

Looking up at the arts tower from western bank

Processing of all invoices relating to goods and services supplied to the University is managed by the Payments Team.

For details on what your invoice must contain to be processed on time see our Invoice Essentials page

How should I send my invoice?

The preferred method of receiving invoices would be as email attachments in PDF format (including any back up documentation)These should be sent to quoting a valid University of Sheffield purchase order number or research grant reference. Please only send your invoice once! Duplicate submissions may result in delays in payment.

Each PDF file should contain one invoice only (including any supporting documentation). Multiple PDF files on one email is acceptable.

Alternatively you can send them to:

The Payments Team
The University of Sheffield,
Firth Court,
Western Bank,
S10 2TN

Do you have a research invoice?

Research Partner invoices will not have a Purchase order (PO) number, it will instead have a grant or reference number which will be supplied by the University of Sheffield. Research invoices which DO NOT quote a valid grant or reference number WILL be returned to vendors unpaid.

Common reasons why invoices are not paid on time

  • The invoice does not contain a Purchase Order (PO) number or a grant/reference number
  • The Department fails to goods receipt items on the invoice
  • Amounts quoted on the invoice different to those quoted on the purchase order
  • Items on the invoice fail to match items on the purchase order 
  • Vendor has changed bank details / company name and or address and has failed to provide evidence for these changes, their account has subsequently been frozen
  • Vendor is requesting a currency the University is unable to trade in.