Vendor Management

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New Vendors are requested by completing an online form that can be found on Procurement's web pages. Subject to the request being approved then the vendor account will be created by the Payments team. Once the account has been created a unique vendor number will be assigned. This identifies the vendor and will be required to answer any queries relating to the Vendor's account.

Terms and conditions of Service

The payments team works in collaboration with the University of Sheffield procurement team to ensure highest levels of professionalism in procurement and achieve value for money for the University. By value for money we do not look solely at cheapest price. There is a detailed and complex evaluation undertaken that determines the value that the University will derive from the purchase.

For details of the terms and conditions of service to the University visit:

For details on the types of contracts offered visit:

Foreign Currency

If you wished to be paid via BACS transfer you must have a UK bank account and we can only make payments in pound sterling. The University is able to make payments to overseas and UK bank accounts in a foreign currency however this wont be paid via BACS transfer.

Click Permitted Currencies for a full list of currencies the University is permitted to do business in and corresponding business purposes of those currencies. If a currency does not appear on this list, the University is unable to do business in it. If in doubt please contact the Treasury Team.

Contact us

To contact us with regards to vendor management:

0114 222 4470

For information on how to spot if a Purchase Order is fraudulent, and to understand more about our Purchase Order process, please check the information found HERE.