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What is myCatalogue?

myCatalogue is a catalogue system provided to the University by Science Warehouse. It contains detailed product and pricing information for selected suppliers. myPurchase requisitioners can select items directly from myCatalogue to add to their myPurchase shopping cart.

How does myCatalogue work?

How does myCatalogue work?

Watch the guidance video for myPurchase requisitioners on using myCatalogue (the video shows how to requisition items from University Stores but the process is the same for external suppliers' items).

What are the benefits to requisitioners of using myCatalogue?

  • easy to search for products from external suppliers and internal trade departments using product names, reference numbers and/or suppliers
  • accurate prices displayed, including delivery charges (if applicable)
  • access to detailed product data (where available)
  • images of the products (where available)
  • save favourite products and frequently used baskets

myCatalogue also helps the University achieve greater Value for Money for its purchases of goods and services.

Useful Resources

Science Warehouse Videos
(Please disregard the steps in any of these videos where the user clicks "Create Requisition". At this stage, a university user will "Checkout" and be returned to myPurchase with the myCatalogue cart information)

Searching in myCatalogue -
(Note: at 0:39, the video references price breaks. These are not currently supported in our myCatalogue system.)

Favourites and Saved Baskets -

Product Finding Science -

Top Tips Documents

 Top Tips for Searching.

Procurement FAQ on myCatalogue - available here.

Need help or more information?

Who to contact
If you have any questions about the vendors participating in myCatalogue, please contact the Procurement Team.

If you have any questions about using myCatalogue, requisitioning in general, or ordering through uBASE, please contact the myPurchase / uBASE helpdesk. E: