Final Claims and Reports

Final Invoice or Final Claim

Before we raise the final claim or invoice we will need to contact you to check some final details before your award is completed.

For some grants we have financial penalties if we do not submit the claim on time. We do need a rapid response if we request additional information.

We may need to contact you to:

  • confirm all expenditure is on the account
  • goods receipt / cancel / transfer outstanding orders
  • clarify any staffing information such as student start and end dates
  • obtain cost centre codes for any overspends
  • obtain details on equipment to claim
  • identify any exceptional items
  • time sheets

Final Report

Your research sponsor may need a final report from you detailing the findings of the research. Some sponsors will impose a financial penalty if you do not submit this on time and/or withhold the final payment. You must check your sponsor award letter or contact the sponsor directly to check the submission method and due date.


Need Help or More Information?

Who to Contact
Please contact a member of Faculty Finance (Research) who will assist with your query.