Research Grants

Research grant accounts are used solely for the financial management of successful research awards. Research grant accounts ensure that the University can meet its legal obligations to the sponsors by correctly reporting on its expenditure with accurate data to underpin funding and budgeting decisions.

Within uBASE project accounts are referred to as WBS codes (Work Breakdown Structure) and are used for expenditure chargeable to externally funded research grants.

The WBS codes for research grants start with an R, e.g. R/123456-11-1. The majority of WBS codes for non-research activities start with an X, e.g. X/012345-1. When using WBS codes, there is no separate departmental identification code to be input or quoted by the user.

More detailed information is available for managing new successful research awards and existing research accounts.

When the University is receiving income in the form of cash, cheques or debit/credit card payments this must be recorded in project accounts (not research grants) and NOT credited to a core cost centre. There are a VERY limited number of circumstances when it is possible to credit a payment to the University to a cost centre and guidance is outlined in dealing with income.


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Who to Contact
Faculty Finance provide support for academic departments for research activities.

A Finance Manager supports Academic Departments or Professional Services Departments with queries relating to departmental expenditure and budgets for non-research activities.