Internal Audit

Our Audit Committee, Internal Auditors and The Annual Internal Audit Plan are key features in helping Council to fulfil its responsibilities and in contributing to a strong and effective governance culture.

The Role of Internal Audit

Internal audit is a service to the University’s management and, ultimately, to the University’s Council.

The internal auditors provide management with an independent view on the effectiveness of internal control systems that contribute to the achievement of our business objectives. Internal audit is an important management tool, or service, for the whole University.

Internal audit take a risk based approach and one of their key goals is to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of controls in place to mitigate the risks that the University faces, making recommendations for improvement where necessary.

Internal audit is the primary resource used by Audit Committee in helping Council discharge its responsibilities and, as such, internal audit provide Audit Committee with assurance regarding the adequacy and effectiveness of arrangements for risk management, control and governance.

Internal Audit’s work extends to cover the whole of the University’s activities and this means that anything to do with the University and the way we work is potentially subject to an internal audit.

The Internal Auditors

Our Internal Audit services are provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PWC). Meet the Internal Audit team.

The Scope of Internal Audit

Internal Audit’s scope covers all University activities and systems. Their activity is focussed through the audit planning process which highlights the key risks which face the University and in turn identifies those systems which will be subject to audit coverage. The higher level controls exercised by the University and the overall control environment are subject to internal audit as well as the controls exercised within each system.

The Internal Audit Charter provides a detailed description of PWC's remit and can be downloaded from the Downloads Box on this page. This document is only available to University of Sheffield users.


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