The Internal Audit Process

Your involvement is important at each of the four stages of the audit. Internal audits are often viewed as something that happens to a section or department but you do have an input and influence on the process.

If you do have any questions about the internal audit process please contact the Internal Audit Senior Manager.

Internal Audit Feedback 

As a member of staff involved with an internal audit you will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the internal audit process.

Individual review questionnaires are issued after each audit has been completed. The questionnaire is issued to the main audit contact for each department, with the aim of assessing their views on the audit process. This feedback is shared with PricewaterhouseCoopers on a regular basis, as and when it is received, in order to provide a timely opportunity to respond to any issues should they arise. It allows the internal audit team to understand what is working well and areas where the process can be improved.

The individual feedback is reported to Audit Committee on a regular basis and forms part of a range of key performance indicators used by the Committee to evaluate the performance of the internal audit service.


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