Guidance on Security of Financial Data Away from the Workplace

It is important that staff take steps to prevent the loss, or inappropriate transmission, of commercially sensitive financial, or personal information. This includes any confidential details of staff payroll records; such as name, salary, National Insurance number, pension contributions, date of birth or home address.


The following guidance covers the removal from the workplace of personal or commercially sensitive financial information about the University of Sheffield or its staff.

Guidance for users of confidential data:

  • Staff and financial data/records should not be taken away from the workplace in hard copy or electronic copy, except where there is an important operational or business reason
  • Should it be necessary to take electronic staff or financial data/records away from the workplace, please follow the guidance provided by the Department of Corporate Information and Computing Services on Personal Information on Portable Computers and Media and Data Security and by Human Resources on Security of Staff Data away from the Workplace
  • This policy applies equally to electronic and printed (hard) copies of information

Requests to disclose financial information can be made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI), but individual members of staff must NOT respond to these requests directly. Any queries made under FOI should be directed to the University’s FOI team.


Need Help or More Information?

Who to Contact
If you are aware of a situation where the above has been breached or data/records lost, please immediately inform your Head of Department, the Director of CiCS and the Finance Manager for your Academic Department or Professional Services Department. If you need to inform someone out of hours, please contact Security Control (0114 222 4085).