Resource Allocation

The Resource Allocation is the mechanism the University uses to decide the budgets of its academic departments. It is a means of calculating the budget that a department will receive based on the income that the department generates.

In using the resource allocation the University aims to ensure that each department has sufficient resources to meet the costs of all its activities taken together. This may mean that when looked at in isolation individual activities attract more or less budget than they require. However, when these are looked at together they result in a sufficient level of resource for all the activities to take place.

The amount of the budget depends on the types of income that the department generates and whether or not the income has been confirmed at the time the budget decisions are made.

Read more detailed guidance on how resource allocation operates at the University, or download the presentation slides.


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A Finance Manager supports Academic Departments or Professional Services Departments with queries relating to departmental expenditure and budgets for non-research activities.