Claim for Consultancy Fees

A certified claim for consultancy fees form should be submitted in the following circumstances:

  • you have completed CHARGEABLE WORK for an organisation outside of the University of Sheffield, or for another department
  • you have already raised a sales invoice to charge the organisation or department for the work undertaken
  • your department has agreed that you personally can receive the fee for undertaking the work

If you wish to claim expenses associated with undertaking chargeable work please complete a separate expenses claim form.

Detailed information about the conditions for submitting a certified claim for consultancy fees are detailed in the ‘Guidance notes on completing a certified claim for consultancy fees form’ printed at the end of the application form.

Your Faculty Finance Team will be unable to approve this claim for consultancy fees if the organisation paying for the consultancy work has NOT paid the Sales Invoice relating to this work.


Need Help or More Information?

Who to Contact
For guidance on handling your income, setting up new project accounts and raising Sales Invoices contact the Finance Manager for your Academic Department or Professional Services Department.