Expenses Types and Codes

Please use the expenses type CODE when completing an on-line or manual claim form for expenses. These codes should NOT be used for payment to University bank workers.

Expenses Type Code Description of Expense Type Expenses Type Code Description of Expense Type
ACOS Accommodation (Overseas) OPEN Open/Distance Learning
ACUK Accommodation (UK) OVER Overnight Allowance
AIRO Air Travel (Overseas) PARK Parking Charges
AIRF Air Travel (UK) PTRA Patients Travel Costs
AUTV Audio/TV equipment PCRD Phone Card
AWRD Awards Prizes PHOT Photography/Films/Videos
BOOK Books POST Postage/Shipping
NBRF Breakfast PCON Printer Consumables
CARH Car Hire PRNE Printing - external
CLOT Clothing & Footwear PRNT Printing/Binding/Finishing
CONF Conferences and Meetings PROT Protective Clothing
CORP Corporate Card Charges PUBT Public Transport (inc Bus & Tram)
CRIM Criminal Records Checks RAIO Rail Travel (Overseas)
CURR Currency Charge RAIL Rail Travel (UK)
ELEC Electronic Equipment Purchases RWMT Raw Materials
ENEX Entrance Fees Exhibitions/Conferences REMO Removal/Relocation expenses
ENSP Entrance Fees Special Events SADV Salary Advance
MEAL Evening Meal SEAO Sea Travel (inc Ferry) (Overseas)
EXAM Exam Fees SEAT Sea Travel (inc Ferry) (UK)
FARH Fares - Home to Work (Taxable) SOFT Software
TELE Fax Calls STAT Stationery/Office Supplies
FLDT Field Trips GPRP Student Nurse GP Reports
FUEL Fuel STVL Student Travel Arrangement
GIFT Gifts SUBS Subsistence (Home)
HAND Hand Tools SUBO Subsistence (Overseas)
HOSP Hospitality TAPE Tape Machines
INEX Insurance Excess TAXI Taxi
INTN Internet TCAL Telephone Call
INAC Interview Expenses - Academic TRNT Telephone Rental
INNA Interview Expenses - Non-Academic TRTX Telephone Rental (Taxable)
JRNL Journals/Periodicals TEXT Text Books
LAUN Laundry TIPS Tips
LDGE Lodging Allowance TOLL Toll Charges
NLCH Lunch TRNG Training Course
MNST Manuscripts TRMA Training Materials
NMEL Meal (non-taxable) TINS Travel Insurance
MEDI Medical Insurance UNCN Unclassified Consumables
NEWS Newspapers TRTX Telephone Rental (Taxable)
OCHS Occupational Health Supplies VANH Van Hire
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Who to Contact
Contact the Payroll Office for advice and guidance on claiming expenses.