Wage Types

These codes are valid from April 2013 and should be used for payments to University bank workers. These codes should NOT be used for claiming expenses. If a different wage type was previously used please contact payroll on casualpayroll@sheffield.ac.uk

Wage Type No Wage Type
3400 Catering Staff
3401 Bar Staff
3402 Marking
3403 Lab Demonstrating
3404 Fieldwork
3405 Clerical Work
3409 Invigilation
3410 Lecture Fee
3412 P/T Instructor
3413 Lifeguards
3414 Music tutors
3416 TILL tutors
3417 Research
3419 Technical Support
3434 Attendance Fee
3435 Liaison Officer
3436 Medical Professional
3437 Website Design
3438 Cleaning Staff
3439 Clinical Teach/ Supervisor
3440 Support Workers
3441 Professional Supervision
3442 Student Landscape Support.
3443 Portering
3444 Security
3447 Referees
3448 Group Fitness Instructor
3449 Gym Instuctor
3451 General Teaching
3460 Holiday Pay


Need Help or More Information?

Who to Contact
If you have queries about recruiting University bank workers contact your customary HR advisor.

If you have queries about payment of a claim for work then contact the payroll team.