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Food & drink FAQs

How does my GeniUS loyalty card work?

Whenever you spend at any of our outlets across campus you can earn points. Every £1 you spend will get you 5 points, this is equivalent to 5p. Simply tap your card or scan your mobile app at the till when making your purchase to earn your points. You can collect points straight away but you will need to register your account before you can spend them. Not only can you earn points whenever you spend but you can also top up your card with cash and earn exclusive vouchers.

How do I register my GeniUS account?

Head over to our GeniUS registration web page and fill in your details, it's as easy as that. Once you've registered you'll receive an email with a link to open which will validate your account. Once you've validated your account you're good to go.

How do I spend my points?

When you are at the till simply tap your card or scan your app when prompted. You'll be able to see how many points you've got available and the staff member will ask you if you'd like to use them. You don't have to use your points and they don't expire so you can save them up for a special treat.

How do I get vouchers and I can I use them?

You will receive vouchers on your account throughout the year. You'll get a couple of free coffee vouchers on us for your birthday as a little treat and you'll be able to earn others through special offers and giveaways. To redeem a voucher just scan your card or mobile app at the till and, much like with your points, the staff member will be able to let you know if you have any vouchers available and ask if you want to use them. Some vouchers will have an expiration date on them so make sure you don't miss out.

How can I check what vouchers I have available?

You can log into your GeniUS account to view your vouchers, there is a vouchers tab on the left hand side. This will detail what the voucher is, how many you have and whether it has an expiry date or not. You can also view your available vouchers on you mobile app.

Can I add money to my GeniUS account?

You can top your GeniUS account up with money and use it as a cash card in any of our outlets. You can spend your money using your card or your mobile app. You can add money by logging into your GeniUS account or through your mobile app.

What if I lose my card?

Don't worry, just log in to your account or your mobile app and mark the card as lost. This will prevent it from being used if somebody finds it. Once you've marked it as lost you can then pick up a card from any GeniUS outlet across campus and add it to your account. You don't need to register again, just log in to your current GeniUS account and add the new card number, this is located on the back of the card in the bottom corner.

What do you do for the environment?

We have many sustainable and ethical initiatives that benefit people and the environment both locally and globally. Our milk is locally sourced from Our Cow Molly, reducing carbon emissions and strengthening local business. Our coffee is 100% direct trade from Colombia, cutting out the middleman and allowing the farmer to get their hard earned profits. This is then roasted at Roastology in Sheffield. We are currently tackling the issue of disposable coffee cups through various means; we offer a discount to customers who use their own cup and support the Campus Cups scheme. All of our outlets have recycling bins available and we've removed single use plastic cutlery, plates, cups and straws from our cafes.

What vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food do you offer?

We offer vegetarian and vegan options at all of our outlets. We have The View Deli, located in the Students' Union, that sells only vegetarian and vegan food. No meat at all! Gluten free options are also available across all of our outlets.

What about allergens?

Information about allergens can be found in each individual outlet, the staff are more than happy to help with any questions you might have.

What is available in the £3.50 meal deal?

We offer a £3.50 meal deal across most of our outlets. You can get a sandwich or wrap marked A to D, any regular hot drink, can of pop or bottle of water and then a choice of snack from a cookie, packet of crisps or piece of fruit.

Are you part of the University? What happens to your profits?

Each year we aim to generate a small surplus to ensure that we continue to operate sustainably and to protect the jobs of our employees. However, we keep our margins low in order to keep our products as affordable as possible for students and staff at the University. All of our surpluses are re-invested back into the University and improving our services and facilities.