What our students say about us

Every year, our students fill in evaluation questionnaires about their degree courses. Questionnaires ask students to rate particular aspects of modules/courses on a numerical scale, and also provide boxes for general comments. Comments are also received via our thriving Staff-Student Committee. Below are a selection of the comments made by students in recent sessions.

Comments from Level 1 students

  • Lots of help on offer when you need it.
  • I have enjoyed the first year of this French [course], and like the topics I am studying. It is challenging in a few areas, but I am keen to overcome them.
  • Section is organised, friendly and always accessible.
  • French section very well organised. I like the structure of the course. Feel I have made a lot of progress.
  • It's great!

Comments from Level 2 students

  • The language classes, especially the grammar classes, are very beneficial and helpful.
  • Personal tutor system is consistently outstanding in the French section, and I feel I have had brilliant support both from my personal tutor and my language tutor.
  • Enjoyable all round, relaxed atmosphere to learn in, great teacher! Covered all grammatical topics well and thoroughly.
  • [On pastoral care] Brilliant all round.

Comments from Level 3 students

  • I would like to pass on my views on feedback- I think the section has excelled in this area so far this year. I received my essays back much more quickly than expected and with detailed notes as well as the offer of a one-to-one meeting to discuss areas to improve etc. I'm going to be highlighting this at Students' Union Council as an example of best practice.

Comments from Erasmus students

  • As far as I am concerned I like to be here so much that I would like to stay longer.
  • Indeed the atmosphere is really vivid, the lessons are interesting and the services are excellent.