Modules and Credits

In order to be accepted into the system, students must register for modules totalling 60 credits = 30 ECTS per semester, that is 120 credits = 60 ECTS per academic year. (These credits can be split on a 40/80 or 80/40 basis if necessary.) You cannot register if your credit total is greater than this sum. If you wish to be allowed to register for less than the normal requirement of 120 or 60 credits, you must produce a letter from your home university confirming that this request is approved. (The absolute minimum of credits is 100 if attending for an academic year and 40 if attending for one semester.) Therefore, in order to facilitate the registration process, you should study this handbook carefully and decide which modules you wish to study before attending registration. Note that credits are simply a workload estimate and not an evaluation of your progress. They are, however, extremely important to the system: if you do not attend classes and do the appropriate work, you will not be allowed to pass the module whatever marks you may obtain in the evaluation exercises for that module.

If you wish to study modules not specifically for Exchange students, you may do so at the discretion of the teacher of those modules, but you should realise that many courses may already be full, since demand may be heavy and places may necessarily be restricted to certain categories of student. Such arrangements must be negotiated by you personally, must fulfil the credit requirements detailed above and must be communicated to the French Department as soon as possible. You will need to collect an ADD/DROP form from the Departmental office.

Maitrise Students

The Erasmus/Socrates system applies to undergraduates. The modular system cannot accommodate students pursuing only non-modularised courses of study outside the modularised system. Students working for a maîtrise should therefore be prepared to follow courses totalling the normal amount of credits and which will contribute actively to the preparation of their mémoire, but 30 credits per semester are now allowed for the mémoire. To repeat: no student whose programme of study does not comprise exactly 60 credits per semester may be allowed to register.