It is extremely important that you make every effort to attend Registration. You need to talk to all the tutors of the modules you wish to follow and to obtain their signatures on the Registration form, which must then be approved by the central authority before you can be accepted as a student of the University. If you are not there, you will create problems both for your teachers and for yourself.

Registration is in 'Intro Week', which is normally the week before classes begin. You will be sent details of the time and place you should register by the University when you arrive in Sheffield.

The Student Advice Centre in the Union Building can also help you with any problems.

The Student Services Information Desk can also assist with many problems.  It can supply certificates providing evidence of your student status at Sheffield, and you may request examination mark transcripts from them once the marks are available.  Their details are as follows:-

The Union of Students
Western Bank
S10 2TG

Tel No: (0114) 222 1299

email :

Please inform SSID of your address when you leave Sheffield, if it will be different from the one on your records, so that your marks can be sent to the right place. Your marks for the first semester will usually be sent out at the end of the first week in March and for the second semester in late July.