The French Play 2011-12

“Le Malade imaginaire” by Molière

Argan is ill. At least he thinks he is, and who are the medics to tell him otherwise when he's willing to pay for their treatments? On the other hand his second wife has designs on his money too, and the scheming on both sides threatens to ruin the future for Argan's daughter. She wants to marry a handsome man she has fallen for. Help is at hand for the young lovers in the shape of a resourceful servant and a supportive aunt. Yes, you can expect that happiness will eventually triumph... but actually the outcome is rather odd.

“Le Malade Imaginaire” was Moliere's final curtain-call (he died after playing the lead role in its first four performances) but his comic verve is at its peak in this the funniest of all his plays, full of zest for life and scorn for professional pomposity.

The director is David Walker.

Wednesday 15 - Friday 17 February 2012 : 7.30 p.m.
University Drama Studio, Shearwood Road

Contact Professor David Walker, 0114 222 4893.

This show formed part of a programme of collaboration with the TRAC theatre company of Beaumes de Venise in Provence. After its Sheffield run the cast travelled to Provence and performed the play at the Salle Fracasse, the TRAC community theatre:

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